The Reason for a Nightguard

As we finally embrace the arrival of summer, we find our beloved Indians in first place. All I can say is, Go Tribe!

Patients often ask me, "Why do I need a nightguard?". Nightguards or biteplanes are acrylic appliances that cover the biting surfaces of your teeth. They are usually made on the upper teeth, although sometimes for various reasons we will fabricate lower appliances. The reason for nightguard wear is that many patients clench and/or grind their teeth at night (some during the day). This parafunctional activity called bruxism is deleterious to the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw joint. Parafunctional activity is associated with broken teeth, periodontal problems, sore jaws, and headaches.

Wearing a nightguard will not cure the etiology of the bruxism, but will at least lessen or help prevent the dental breakdown associated with the teeth grinding/clenching.

Our office does offer treatment that will eliminate or prevent this activity, and we do recommend definitive treatment. However, sometimes this is not feasible as it can be lengthy and more costly than the simple nightguard.

If you or someone you love has questions about nightguards, please contact our office for a consultation. Also, if your college student is home for the summer be sure to have them schedule their cleaning appointment!

Sincerely, Michael W. Dagostino, DDS