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Facial Beauty

Dear Patients,

With the spring showers come beautiful bouquets of colors to visually enhance the change of seasons. My staff and I wish you a wonderful spring & summer!

Like many of you, much of our knowledge of current events come from the slew of magazines that grace the racks in my reception area. Sometimes there are articles that are thought provoking. In this month's TIME magazine there is an essay about "pretty" people being married to "unattractive" spouses titled, "The Last Taboo". The photos at the top of the essay illustrate some important fundamental principals of facial beauty. Beauty in humans and other species is largely based on facial symmetry, harmony, and balance. There are beautiful people who have features that by themselves are unattractive, (i.e. big noses). However, in the context of their face they are still attractive because there is balance.

In the picture of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, one can see a balanced and symmetrical face in Franklin, and a grossly imbalanced face in Eleanor due to her overbite. The picture of Ric Ocasek (of The Car's fame) shows his face with grossly distorted facial planes. His eyes and mouth slant at a 25 degree angle to his ear plane (otic plane). This distortion is fairly common in forceps delivery patients, and is readily corrected by appliances we use in our practice everyday .

In our office we strive to create beautiful smiles with facial harmony and balance by correcting these asymmetries and facial plane distortions. Correct treatment leads to healthy, happy, "beautiful" patients.

If you or someone you love is interested in correcting a facial asymmetry please contact my office for a no charge consultation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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