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Menieres Disease

Dear Patients,

After we were subjected to another losing season in football, baseball, and basketball we recite the "Cleveland mantra", maybe next year! However, I did celebrate the Packer's Super Bowl victory over the hated, despised Pittsburg Steelers. Recently, I was in London at a TMJ seminar where we had a discussion about menieres disease. This disease is characterized by episodic fluctuating hearing loss, episodic rotational vertigo (dizziness), and episodic tinnutus.

Many clinicians who diagnose menieres disease state it is of unknown eliogy (cause). Recent literature and treatment protocols have found that a large percentage of these patients are suffering from a retruded condyle which is impinging on the retrodiscal nerves and blood vessels thus causing these symptoms. Treatment of this disease could be easily handled by a qualified TMJ clinician. Should you or someone you love suffer from menieres disease or have any of these symptoms associated with the disease, please contact our office for a no charge consultation.

On a completely different subject I would like to warn my patients that superglue is toxic to humans. Recently, a patient recemented a crown using this. Not only is this dangerous but can lead to the death of the pulp on the tooth it is used on. Many of the local pharmacies and drug stores carry a temporary cement product that can be used safely until you can schedule an appointment for a recementation of said crown.

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